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Wood Badge

Wood Badge is the advanced training program for all Scout leaders in the Boy Scouts of America. This includes all Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity and Venturing leaders, as well as professional scouters. Wood Badge is designed to train adult volunteers using the latest leadership skills and technique

Upcoming Wood Badge Courses / Events

Wood Badge is divided into two parts, the Practical Phase and the Application Phase.  The course is taught at Camp George Thomas.

The Practical Phase in WB 2132 will be covered over two 3-day weekends in the fall of 2018: September 7 -9 (Friday-Sunday) & September 28th - 30 (Friday-Sunday), 2018.
The Practical Phase in WB 2133 will be covered over two 3-day weekends in the spring of 2019: March 29 - 31 (Friday-Sunday) & April  26th - 28 (Friday-Sunday), 2019.

Time commitment note: To complete the course, a participant must attend the entire course on all 6 days.


Learn more about Scouting's premiere training!  Download the brochure below for more information.

Wood Badge Registration (PDF)

Enrollment fee:

WB 2132 Fall 2018  is $200.00 for early bird payment by July 16, 2018 or $225.00 after July 16, 2018.
WB 2133 Spring 2018  is $200.00 for early bird payment by January 28, 2019 or $225.00 after January 28, 2019.

$50 is nonrefundable at time of application.  Balance of payment is non-refundable 30 days prior to the start of a course

The first 48 participants fully paid will participate in the course.

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Revised: April 29, 2018