Patrols of SR-846
Meet the Staff
Senior Patrol Leader


I am pleased that you are attending Wood Badge SR-846.  We have a great program for you and a great staff to present it.

I promise that you will have fun and learn a lot in the process.

Leadership is the name of the game at Wood Badge for the 21st Century.

The course content is built up on five themes:

(1)  Living the Values

(2) Bringing

(3) Models for Success

(4) Tools of the Trade

(5) Leading to Make a Difference


The course places participants in a group or team for the entire program.  You will see first-hand how a group progresses through a series of stages to become a high performance team.  You can use this knowledge and the tools of leadership to become more effective in your scouting job as well as your work job and in personal life.


Another great benefit of the course is the people that you will meet and become friends with.  These contacts and friendships will serve as a source of support to you in your daily efforts both in and out of scouting.


Again, Welcome to SR-846.  I hope you enjoy the course as much as our staff enjoys bringing the course to you.

 Dorman Morsman

Course Director, SR-846

Emergency messages can be left at Camp George Thomas office.  An answering machine will usually answer and we will forward the message.  The office is staffed during most daylight hours and checked hourly during the attended days of the courses.  The phone number is (580) 588-3328.

Revised: October 09, 2007