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Upcoming Events


  • Post Course Gathering-
    Posted 8/30/2009

    Greetings One and All,

    By now summer vacations are over, summer camp is but a memory and school and all it glory has begun. The Fall Wood Badge course is in its first weekend and approximately 50 people are convinced it won't snow. I know they will have a great time anyway. With Wood Badge in the air, what better time than now to get together and tell a few tales, have a few refreshments and maybe even set down with your Troop Guide and polish the rough edges off that ticket you worked so hard on just a few months ago.

    With that being said, let me invite all of you to a post course get together on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 13th at 2PM at the council office in Oklahoma City. This will be a great opportunity to get focused on working that ticket and to meet with your Troop Guide if you need to consider any changes to your ticket. The meeting will not last more than two hours. Please note: This is not a required meeting. We do this to have the opportunity to get together and to encourage each other to work those tickets.

    In addition to Sept 13th, there are a few other dates to put on your calender.

    The weekend of October 23 thru 25 is the Council Camporee on the grounds of OPUBCO in Oklahoma City. On Saturday of that weekend, there will be a Beading Ceremony for anyone who has completed their tickets. I t is possible we will have 20 or more participants being beaded from several different courses. It would be great if some 940 folks were a part of the ceremony. (As of this date i know of one 940 participant who has completed his ticket and beading ceremony is pending. More information will follow when everything is nailed down. Congratulations to Marcus Yeager of the Bobwhites)

    Exact dates of the Wood Badge Reunion is still being worked out but count on this special event being around the end of January. I would love to have a big turnout from SR-940. More to follow as the details are worked out.

    Last but not least...October 26th, 2010, is the completion date for all SR-940 participants. I can promise you it will be difficult for everyone to finish their tickets unless we work together to encourage each other. Lets get it done and have 100% completion.

    I look forward to seeing each of you on Sept 13th. Please send me a quick note and let me know if you will be able to attend.

    See you soon

    "in service to others" SR-940

  • A Message from your Scoutmaster-
    Posted 4/20/2009


    The time is almost upon us and in just a few days, we will all be back at Gilwell. I can't wait. I hope each of you are excited about the upcoming weekend. We have some great sessions and activities planned for you. Staff will be going down early this week to get things ready. If you need to contact me beginning Tuesday evening, please call the Camp George Thomas number or leave a message on my cell phone voice mail. Those little cards you got way back when have the numbers.

    I trust by now that patrol meetings have been held, skits, songs and campfire is settled, patrol projects are ready and TICKETS have been approved and ready to turn in. I want each of you to enjoy everything that is planned for the weekend and having some of the "busy" work out of the way is the best way to make this happen. Please remember that extra shirts that were ordered first weekend will be ready and will need to be paid for. Extra troop and patrol photos will also be ready and we will need to pay for these.

    This weekend is the "Outdoor Experience". It represents that monthly activity a scout troop has. You will be camping by patrols and will cover a lot more ground than you did first weekend. I hate to say "Don't worry about it, it's not going to snow" but .....Don't worry about it, it's not going to snow. BUT you might want to bring some good rain gear. Evenings will be cool, days should be mild and the camping should be exceptional. If you don't think you will have the things you may need, check with a camping friend, your local troop or get a message to me as soon as possible and we will do what we can.

    Again, I look forward to see each of you Thursday evening. I will meet you at the gate. See you soon and be safe.

    "in service to others"

  • A Message from your Scoutmaster-
    Posted 4/04/2009

    Greetings to All,

    It's hard to believe it's been a week since our weekend at Gilwell. By now I would guess that everyone has caught up on your sleep and everyone is back in the normal rotation of every day life. How has your first week been since Gilwell? Anyone find themselves in a meeting at work and suddenly realizing "we're really STORMING now"? Or how about anyone find themselves at ball practice with the kids and have the overwhelming desire to tell the coach "It's Explain then Demonstrate then Guide and Enable!!!".

    I hope by now you have found the time to look back at the session notes from weekend one and just spend a few minutes thinking about the discussions and activities you were a part of. I know some things can just be a little overwhelming. The great thing about Wood Badge is you can begin to incorporate the things you have learned just one step at a time. Before you know it, real change will occur. I promise....It's worth it.

    Many things to be done between the two weekends. Patrol meetings, Exhibits, skits and campfire preparation and last but not least...The Ticket. Don't worry, it will all come together and we all will have a great second weekend. If any of you have any issues that we can help with, don't hesitate to contact your Troop Guide, Senior Patrol Leader or Asst. Senior Patrol Leader or myself. Our goal is to make this a great and treasured experience for all of you.

    I will be looking forward to hearing progress reports. Remember...We ALL Can Win!!!

    "in service to others"

  • SR-940 First Weekend is One for the Record Books!
    Posted 4/01/2009

    The first three days of SR-940 was a success even in the midst of very challenging circumstances… namely the weather! This is the first and only 21st Century Wood Badge course held in Last Frontier Council history that can boast that we had snow.. snow on the tents, snow on the axe n log, even snowballs during the Zulu toss game! Temperatures were below freezing each night. However, spirits remained high as participants and staff became adept at “the way of Gumby” remaining flexible with locations and schedules.

    SR-940 Troop One of Gilwell formed into five patrols-- Beaver, Bobwhite, Eagle, Fox, and Owl. It was said that the traditional Bear patrol is still hibernating and the Buffalo and Antelope patrols are still roaming the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. That being said, the critters that attended the first weekend learned much about team formation and team development, communications, inclusiveness, and project planning as well as traditional Scouting topics such as the patrol method, leave no trace camping, and campfire planning. In addition, there was a special focus on the Values of Scouting… the Scout Oath and Law, the aims and methods, as well as the leadership concepts of values based vision and mission.

    All in all it truly was a fantastic weekend… one for the record books where Scouters met new friends and forged new relationships with others of diverse backgrounds but with a kindred spirit of dedication to the Scouting movement of which we are all a part. We all (including staff) learned much about each other, but even more about ourselves.

  • Pre-course Meeting a Success!
    Posted 2/23/2009

    A short informational pre-course meeting was held Saturday morning February 21st at Camp Kickapoo's historic Eagle Lodge. [Click here to see photos] Those in attendance had allot of fun singing, getting to know each other, and learning about what to expect at the course in March. Course Director and Scoutmaster Mike Veasey introduced the staff. Then ASM of Physical Arrangements Tommy-Don Neighbors went over several items of interest to the neophite camper and those who may not be familiar with Camp George Thomas.

    Senior Patrol Leader(SPL) Kevin Cole spoke on issues like uniform requirements while ASM of Troop Guides Jim Martin explained a little about the Wood Badge Ticket and how participants can prepare before the course by thinking about what five goals you may wish to tackle (remember 5.. 5 dollar... five dollar foot looongs!) Jim encouraged everyone to do the "20 questions" assignment to really get in touch with what you personaly feel is important about your role in Scouting.

    For those that could not attend, please download your copy of the Pre-course Gilwell Gazette for more helpful information to prepare yourself for the course. Also [CLICK HERE] to download the course information sheet that you should have recieved in the mail. IMPORTANT: If you did not recieve the packet of pre-course information PLEASE contact us as soon as possible so that we can get that information to you.

  • More Empty Chairs to Fill
    Posted 2/23/2009
    SR940 Staff seeks to fill all 48 empty chairs. At this point in time we have room left for more participants. There is still time left to sign up and attend what promises to be a fantastic Wood Badge experience .

    Course Director Mike Veasey has put together a fantastic staff of dedicated and inspirational trainers who have been working hard since last October to prepare . If you know of anyone who can benefit by this training, please continue to coax them into getting signed up before it’s too late!.

    In addition, please forward the contact information of prospective participants to any staff member and we’ll get them the information they need. Great life experiences are best shared with friends... so why not get all of your scouting friends to join you at CGT in March!

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