Greetings Fellow Scouters!

In the spirit of Wood Badge Magic, the staff of SR-940 has worked up a few tricks for you!

First, we are going to ask you a simple question, WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN TO WOOD BADGE?

Next, we are going to reach through the computer screen and read your thoughts............
(Insert suspenseful music and hokey overacting here.)

We sense your skepticism, but stay with us...
OK, the answers are coming, but they're just a little fuzzy. Can you put your hand on the screen for a minute? Yes, we're serious! There, that's better.

Hmmm.... we're getting a lot of things! Most of you have already broken your New Year's resolutions......and shame on that one guy who hasn't taken down his Christmas lights!! Hmmmmm...Spring break seems to be coming just in time to prevent insanity and....Come on guys focus on the question!!

Much better. We read you loud and clear!

CLICK HERE to see if we're right!!!!