Buffalo Patrol


David Bailey

David Liszeski

Debbie Ozment

Wayne Sutton

Phillip Swart

Cindy Wright

Troop Guide: Therese Hood

The Buffalo Spirit
I am a buffalo,
strong, proud and free.
Learning to be a good leader,
means a lot to me.
I am a buffalo
working well with my team.
Forging boldly forward,
we can cross any stream.
I am a buffalo,
and I belong to a herd,
where I am appreciated and loved,
and where acceptance is the word.
We are the buffalos.
Our morale and enthusiasm is high.
Together we are growing and learning,
and the only limit we have is the sky.

The Buffalo Song
Oh give me a home where the BUFFALO roam,
down Caddo campsite way.
Where never is heard, a grumbling word.
And the BUFFALO are working all day.
Home, Home at Gilwell,
Where the birds and the beasts love to play.
Where Baden is heard, with encouraging words,
and the skies stay cloudy all day.

Bright and getting brighter
Unique in a good way
Fun loving
Friendly demeanor
Artistically gifted
Life long learners
Optimistic in our life view
Smart and getting smarter

Revised: October 09, 2007