A message from your Senior Patrol Leader

Message 2
September 15, 2007

Good evening Gilwell Troop One.

As I said in a previous message, time is indeed flying!

I know that you have all been busy preparing for the second weekend of Wood Badge.  You have or are continuing to have Patrol meetings to plan for your patrol activities.  You are communicating with you Troop Guides about those tickets.

You are probably wondering why I mentioned tickets!   Well, just a little word of advice.  The second weekend will be a LOT more enjoyable if you can come to camp with your tickets written.  Have those ticket workbooks filled out.  Or even better, have your tickets completed in the electronic version (available on the website) and be sure that they are sent to your troop guide by this weekend.

I say that because many staffers will be arriving back at camp on Tuesday.  The ability to check e-mails is VERY limited from camp so please do not count on your Troop Guide being able to check their email and approve your ticket after this weekend.  If you complete your ticket electronically, please bring a hard copy with you to camp.  This will be a great help for your troop guide – especially if there is any editing to be done.

When you come to camp with your tickets written and approved, you will be able to have a lot more fun and a lot less stress!!!


Message 1
September 15, 2007

Good evening Gilwell Troop One.

I know that this week has been busy as you have recovered from last weekend.  Hopefully, you have caught up on those tasks and responsibilities that were postponed so that you could be at Gilwell.

 I would like to remind you of a very important lesson.  Communication. 

When I got back to work on Monday, I was visiting with a patient’s spouse.  In the course of the conversation, he expressed frustration at the seeming lack of communication that he had experienced during his wife’s early days in intensive care.  His comment to me was that “No news is good news is not good enough.  Communication is the most important thing.  All that I would like is to know one way or the other how things are going.”

 I was reminded that at Wood Badge, communication is also very important.  We attempt to start that communication process about Wood Badge at the pre-course meeting.  Many of you may have even had explanations of what to expect at the course from Scouters in your home unit before the first weekend occurred. 

 During the course, communication occurs with the Troop Guides, with the Troop presentations, and most importantly, at the Patrol Leaders Council.  As each of you saw at the Day One Patrol Leaders Council, there is a LOT of material presented in that meeting.  The Patrol Leaders have the extremely important role of passing that communication back to the patrol. 

 Patrol Leaders, I think you have heard me say each day of the first weekend that the purpose of the Patrol Leaders Council is to exchange information and most importantly to TAKE THAT INFORMATION BACK TO THE PATROLS.  Therefore, I want to encourage all of the Patrol Leaders to be sure to be in close contact with your patrols during this interim period. 

 Time goes very quickly and it is all too easy to postpone those very important tasks – ticket writing, presentation planning and practicing, etc. until the very last possible minute.  Please do not fall into this trap. 

 Your Troop Guide is your resource in the ticket writing process.  Use the SMART guidelines.  The electronic version of the ticket should be available on the website soon.  You also have a small, notebook-sized, hard copy version to use as a guide. 

 When planning your presentation, there have been several resources presented to you.  Your Patrol Leader Notebook has guidelines for planning the patrol presentation as well as a short checklist so that you can be certain that key points are covered.  Let me remind you that the patrol projects/exhibits must be “presented in a manner in which ALL patrol members have substantial participation.”  Also, “all Wood Badge participants are expected to contribute to the success of their patrols during the development and presentation of projects/exhibits”.  These requirements can be handled very creatively as they  have been in the past!  I know that you will all succeed (win).

 Finally, the Conservation project is in the planning phase and communication remains very important.  I have been getting emails that let me know that you are truly planning a very high quality project that will benefit Camp George Thomas and our youth for a long time.  Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

 I am so very excited to be your Senior Patrol Leader and am looking forward to our time together when we go “Back to Gilwell.”



Revised: September 26, 2007