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Hello members of SR-895! (4/30)

As I've rested up over the past couple of days, I've been thinking about what to say in a closing letter from your SPL. So many things have touched me during this course. The amazing conservation project, the wonderful sessions, the brilliant patrol projects and of course getting to know all of you. The list of things I could highlight just goes on and on. There were so many powerful lessons and bits of wisdom tucked in and around the syllabus.

I've finally decided to share with you the one thing from the course that I think in the long run might effect me the most personally. It came from a staffer who was asked simply to pick a thought for the day. Daphnee Brian shared this quote during the Sunday morning opening flag. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” (Howard Thurman)

WOW! The world needs it and Scouting needs it. Scouting needs people who have embraced the ideals of its Oath and Law and have integrity in their lives as they try to uphold these ideals. More than ever, our youth need adult role models, den leaders and merit badge counselors who are inspired by and in love with the subjects they are teaching. As leaders we all have tremendous talents and potential. It seems to me that it should be our mission to discover and tap into,"what makes us come alive" and share that with each other and the impressionable young people whose lives we touch. I know I will be thinking about this particular thought for more than a day!

SR-895 was and continues to be a unique and very special experience. It's over and it's just begun! Good Luck, Good Scouting and as always contact me if you need me.
Tina Kelly


Hello Patrol Leaders!

From everything I've heard so far it seems to me like each patrol has their interim responsibilities under control. There have been a few hang-ups and a few questions, but so far nothing that couldn't be worked around or solved. Actually, I'm not surprised! During the course I saw the members of every SR-895 patrol paying attention to details, taking diligent notes, passing on information from team member to team member and in general working together to get things done.

I am sending out this friendly reminder however because I know from experience how easy it is to postpone things until the last minute. Our last weekend will be here before we know it so please don't fall into this trap! Here are some things that your patrols need to be working on.

Tickets - Your Troop Guide is your resource in the ticket writing process. Keep in contact with them.

Patrol Presentations - Remember to use the resources in your Patrol Leader Notebook in your planning. There are guidelines as well as a short checklist. Remember that the projects/exhibits must be “presented in a manner in which ALL patrol members have substantial participation.” Also, “all Wood Badge participants are expected to contribute to the success of their patrols during the development and presentation of projects/exhibits.” On past courses we've seen this requirement handled very creatively and I'm looking forward to seeing what you all have come up with!

Campfire - Be thinking about your part in the Friday night participants campfire. The Bobwhites have submitted all of the skits, songs etc for approval and I will get back with them soon.

Conservation Project - There is a great deal of communication and pre-planning required for a successful project. Each patrol needs to be finding out how they can contribute and what is expected of them.

Thursday Night Arrivals - It is up to the individual patrols to coordinate their own camp set up.

Flags - Not technically required but fun!

The key to accomplishing all of these goals is teamwork and the key a successful team is of course communication. I am sending these reminders to the patrol leaders and it is your responsibility to pass on the information. I would like a short update on your progress and as I've said before don't hesitate to call me with questions or concerns.



Hello members of SR-895!

What a great weekend we’ve just experienced! I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and positive attitudes! Now that I’ve had a little sleep, I’ve been able to reflect on some of the great moments in our course so far. Because of our wonderful diversity, I’m sure every one of us experienced things a little differently and from a different perspective, but here are just a few of my highlights as SPL.

Seeing the dedication and commitment of each patrol leader during the three PLCs was especially gratifying. I could see in each one of your faces that you took, “On my honor, I will do my best” very seriously. An SPL can ask no more than that.

I was truly inspired as I watched the group walking along the path to the campfire. From the other side of the creek, I stole a silent moment to watch the twinkling lights of the procession and be thankful for Scouting and all that it offers adults as well as youth. The luminaries helped to make the sight magical (and Wow! a flaming arrow to light the campfire!) You gave me many such chances to offer up small prayers of thanks.

The 'Game of Life' was a highlight for me. It never fails to help me rededicate my life to being more “TRUSTWORTHY.”

Singing! What a joyful thing to do out in the beautiful outdoor setting of George Thomas among friends and fellow Scouters. So uplifting.

The soaring rockets were impressive, but the soaring spirits of each team as they smiled, laughed and celebrated their shared success was even more impressive! What a great example of "We all can win."

One last thought. This past weekend blessed me with new friends, new experiences and taught me new things that I have brought back to share with my family, friends and home troop. I’m a better leader and a better person because of it. I hope the first three days of SR - 895 did the same for you. I think it did. I’m sure I noticed the glow of Wood Badge “magic” forming around each and every one of you! I most certainly look forward to April 24th, when we meet again!

Senior Patrol Leader

PS I have a few reminders and notices to send out. Can someone from each patrol remind me who the interim patrol leaders are?

For More Information on Wood Badge Course SR-895, please Contact Course Director, Diane Hodges