See whos coming to Wood Badge

DSC00060.JPGDiane Hodges
Scoutmaster, Program Director

I'm looking forward to meeting you all! We're going to have a great program!

DSC00049.JPGCindy Rogers
ASM, Programs

"I have been actively involved in Scouting since 1993 when Chris joined Tiger Cubs in Louisville, KY. Since then I have served in numerous positions from Den Leader, to District Cub Training Chair, Troop Committe Member, Eagle Advisor and more. The journey has been exciting and filled with lots of opportunities for growth as I have followed my son through Scouting.

Currently I serve as Council Activities Chair and the Baden Powell OA Advisor. In these positions I have had the opportunity to work with youth and adults alike. Wood Badge has provided me with the skills and experience to be able to lead and follow. As a CPA in my "real job", I have taken numerous continuing education courses, some of which focus on leadership, effective communication, leading change, team building, project planning and managing conflict. Usually a CPE course will focus on only one of these areas and charge well in excess of the cost of what the full two weekend course of Wood Badge runs. Wood Badge covers all these areas and more. In addition, Wood Badge focuses on real "hands on" experience to drive the points home. This is a training that can provide you with tools not only for Scouting but for life in general. Every time I serve on a staff, I feel like I learn more than I teach!

I hope that you will put Wood Badge on your Spring Calendar. It is great learning, fellowship and FUN! See you in April!"

DSC00069.JPGSheryl Morsman
ASM Facilities

As a Venturing Adviser, I have many challenges in dealing with the youth in my Unit. Wood Badge offers me a toolbox of skills that help me communicate more effectively with this group (and their parents). This same tool box also has been put to use at work - in building a team and recognizing how to best lead that team through the various stages of development. Wood Badge helps me to identify where the team is and where I need to be in order to succeed. Plus - it was a whole lot of fun!!!!!

DSC00065.JPGTina Kelly
Senior Patrol Leader

Before WB I never considered myself a leader, but as I look back I see that I never had a concept of what true leadership is all about. I realize now that it’s not about having a charismatic personality. It’s not knowing all the answers or having the ability to get lots of people to follow you. It’s something much simpler and accessible to anyone. Even me. Even you.

When I attended my first course as a participant I had no idea what to expect, but I went with an open heart and a willingness to be inspired. I wanted that ‘mountaintop’ experience that I’d heard about. I wanted fun. I wanted my money’s worth! I got all that and more. I know from first hand experience that the messages taught at Gilwell can change your life.

In the 7 years since my original course, I’ve made countless friends and have developed relationships that I’ll cherish the rest of my life. I’ve tried to give back all I’ve been given by staffing these trainings and by participating extensively in my home troop. I’ll never be the same and neither will my little corner of the world.

DSC00070.JPGJim Aikman

Jim Aikman, father of Jack (Scout in Troop 201) & husband of Carrol (a very patient lady) is Baden-Powell’s District Chairman.  Jim has enjoyed the opportunity to serve as Council Vice-Chair of Training and a few other really fun jobs; none as enjoyable as having been Cubmaster.  He was honored as the recipient of the Baden-Powell District Award of Merit in 2006.  Aside from the hour a week dedicated to Scouting, Jim enjoys time with his family, his job, sailing, golf, snow skiing, hunting, fly-fishing and backpacking.  Jim & his family attend Lakeside United Methodist Church.

Jim attended SR-535 and served on Support Staff for SR-673, Quartermaster of SR-733, Troop Guide for SR-818 and Quartermaster for SR-895 (he has to keep doing this job until he gets it right).

Needs steak at regular intervals!

DSC00053.JPGTommy Don Neighbors
Asst Quartermaster

I'm not saying a word!

DSC00062.JPGMike Veasey
ASM Troop Guides

Where's the fishing?

DSC00059.JPGDaphnee Brian
Troop Guide

I have lots of camping experience but still prefer Hampton Inn.

DSC00227.JPGKen Cadaret
Troop Guide

I have been involved in Scouting since 1990 when I restarted a Pack when my oldest son turned 7 years old. Since that time I have been a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Asst. Scoutmaster, District Commissioner, and Committee Chairman. I lead the 2007 council contingent to Northern Tier as well. I am now a Unit Commissioner and a Troop Committee Member.
During these 18 years I found Wood Badge to be the most beneficial training I ever received. If you are interested in being an effective leader in Scouting, you need to go to this course.

DSC00064.JPGApril Cole
Troop Guide

I’m currently a Webelos den leader in Pack 4265 (moving up with my youngest through Tigers, Wolves and Bears) and the Advancement Chairman for Troop 4265 (with my oldest) in Altus, OK. I’ve been a registered leader for over 7 years. Because our Pack and Troop are small, I usually wear various other “patches” within each unit. I’ve helped out with just about every area in both units. This is my first time to serve as a staff member for a Wood Badge course.

DSC00066.JPGKevin Cole
Troop Guide

At this time I am Cubmaster and Scoutmaster of Pack and Troop 4265 where both of my sons are involved. I’ve been registered in Scouting for 6 years. This is my fourth time to serve as a Woodbadge staffer. I look forward to seeing you at SR-895.

DSC00057.JPGBruce Forsyth
Troop Guide

DSC00229.JPGJoe Goodwin
Troop Guide

Joe is a One-Man Quartet!

DSC00235.JPGAlan Rogers
Asst. Scribe

"Buck!" No, I'm not related to the guy below me!

Christopher Rogers
Asst. Scribe

For More Information on Wood Badge Course SR-895, please Contact Course Director, Diane Hodges