Message from the Course Director:

Greetings!!  I would like to welcome each of you to Wood Badge, WB-2131.  Wood Badge is a wonderful experience – along your Wood Badge journey, you are going to learn leadership skills, develop a deeper understanding of Scouting Values, and foster new friendships in the Scouting Community.  Not to mention, have fun in the process!! 

What is Wood Badge?  Wood Badge is the premier training course for adult leaders.  It provides participants with the practical tools to fulfill the aims and methods of the Scouting Program.  The quality of the Scouting experience for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers depends on trained leaders – Adults who have given of their time and energy to promote the Scouting movement.

Using concepts that are found in corporate America, the course teaches participants the basics of listening, communicating, valuing people, team development, situational leadership, problem solving, and managing conflict.  Once the skill is learned, each member is given the opportunity to use the skill as a member of a successful working team.  At the conclusion of the course, each participant develops a set of personal goals related to his or her Scouting role.  Working towards these goals allows each participant to demonstrate new skills. 

The Boy Scouts of America has a vested interest in providing training to help its adult leaders.  Basic and Specific training gives the necessary skills to work with the youth in each Scouting Unit.  The next step in training is the Wood Badge Experience.  You will grow as a leader, not only within your unit, but professionally and personally as well.

I want to thank you for taking the to learn more about Wood Badge and for signing up for the Fall Course. 

The practical phase of the course is covered over two 3-day weekends in the Spring of 2018:

April 5-7 and April 26-28.  The cost is $200.00 early bird payment by Feb 5, 2018 and $225.00 after the Feb 5th registration date. 

In Scouting,
Jeff Lampe
Course Director, WB-2131

A Message from the Senior Patrol Leader:

Welcome to WB-2131!  My name is Brian Aneshansley and I will be the Senior Patrol Leader for WB-2131.  I want to welcome you to the course and say thank you for signing up.  We have a motivated and dedicated staff that is anxious to meet you and get acquainted.  We will have FUN and learn lifelong leader skills along the way. Wood Badge is a life altering experience! It changed my life and it can change yours also! I’ve never talked to anyone that hasn’t loved attending the course; they usually ask why it took them so long to attend. So be prepared for a mountain top high experience.  Thank you again for being a part of WB-2131 you’ll be happy you did.

Yours in Scouting,
Brian Aneshansley
Senior Patrol Leader, WB-2131

A course application can be found HERE